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Commonly asked questions 

Commonly asked questions

How do fans engage with mascots via MascotLink?

The MascotLink team builds fan-facing Booking Links for each of our mascot partners. 

Each mascot partner selects products or services they want to offer their fans via this link. Then mascots embed these links on their team's websites or their social media profiles. 

Fans can then easily navigate and book via the links. 

If fans have questions, they can reach the MascotLink Fan Support Team via Help Chat (monitored daily) or email.

Fans receive automatic email confirmation upon accepted bookings and updates on delivery/appearance day. 

What does it cost to use MascotLink?

The MascotLink Team only makes money when our clients do. 

No setup fees, no subscriptions. We design & setup mascot client's customized booking link page with zero upfront costs. 

Moving forward, there are also NO Ticketmaster or Cameo level transaction fees either 🙄 

We take a small ( 8.5%) percentage of each successful transaction. That's it. 

How do mascots access their earnings?

First, you know it's paid before you go to an event or appearance. Customers cannot finalize the booking process without successful payment via credit card. All major credit cards + Apply Pay are accepted via MascotLink. 

Which means - no more credit card numbers on sticky notes, no more awkward asking for checks at birthday parties, & no asking Joe from accounting for an update on your earnings each month. 

Every sale rendered via MascotLink becomes a line item in the MascotHQ mobile app. Track sales & earnings by product. 

Automatic payouts each month to corporate bank account on file. Plus, monthly reports you can share with Joe from accounting. 

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