Request a NJ Devil Appearance 

NJ Devil knows how to get any party started. He is available for events & appearances ranging from birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah, corporate events, festivals & more. 

If you know exactly when & where you want to host NJ Devil, please fill out the form below & a member of NJ's team will reply within 3-4 business days. *Private appearances will not be available on home game days, please reference Devils' schedule. 

Have questions? See the FAQ below.  

People often ask...

Where does NJ Devil make special deliveries or appearances ?

Locations within New Jersey are eligible for special visits from NJ Devil & his team. Our system is designed to not permit locations beyond this radius to be booked for deliveries or appearances - attempting to do so will result in errors during checkout process.

NJ Devil  makes a limited number of in-seat deliveries each home game for ticketed fans at the Prudential Center. 

Questions or concerns? Contact us via Help Chat or 

Does NJ Devil make in-game visits? 

NJ Devil makes a limited number of in-seat deliveries each home game for ticketed fans at the Prudential Center.

*Purchasing a mascot in-game visit does not include a ticket or access to the game itself. This is intended to be an add-on experience for ticketed fans*

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to communicate any updates to seat locations on game day.

NJ Devil  loves taking pictures with fans, but please be considerate of those around you and the game action ahead of doing so! 

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How do I know exactly when NJ Devil will arrive? 

More specific arrival updates will be provided via SMS (text message) on delivery day when mascot is en route.  These will be sent to the number provided during the booking process. 

What is your special delivery policy? 

The responsibility of notifying the intended recipient of the delivery window falls on the purchaser not NJ Devil, MascotLink Bookings, nor other partners. As a special delivery may or may not be a surprise for the intended recipient, we would not want to spill too many beans 😙

Selection of a special delivery time slot occurs at checkout and is final at point of purchase.

Special deliveries will only be made to the address provided in the booking process & must fall within designated special delivery radius. 

Should the recipient of a special delivery not be present at a given address (provided during booking process) we will first attempt to call the recipient via contact phone number provided.  If contact is not made after 10 minutes, we will contact the purchaser via information provided as whether to 1.) leave package at intended location 2.) reschedule delivery with additional fees applied 

What is your return policy? 

Gifts & experiences are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled due to league or local government COVID policies. 

Issues or concerns with your experience? Contact us via 

I still have questions - how can I get in touch? 

Ask questions via Live Help Chat monitored  M-F from 10-8 EST or email us any time via 

Please note, we can only assist with questions related to mascot events & appearances. If you have general questions about Devils tickets, programs, or offerings, please contact via the team's primary website.

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